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By way of background of the founder ... I was born in Germany and came to the USA over 15 years ago at which time I founded my Company Sturm Consulting. My education includes a degree from the Technical University of Dresden with specialties in Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics.

My professional experience includes managing the computer department (12 years) and new product development and marketing (3 years) for the German Weather Service.

Here in the greater Sarasota area I perceived a need for a computer service company that not only specializes in helping small businesses but can work with individuals as well.

Since the internet became the main source of information and research it is vital for businesses to have a presence with a web site. This said, it is even more important to have your web site listed on the first page of search engines i.e. Googel, Bing & Yahoo. In this latter respect, Sturm Consulting has the knowledge and experience to provide this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service for your web site.

This added another segment to my business.