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... for Web Development, SEO and Computer Service

We have your budget in mind and offer our service to very competitive rates and will recommend only the most cost effective solution for your computer problem.

Business Service

(On Site/Pick-up)
$105.00 per hour
Your business needs are our highest priority. Our expertise in business applications and small business networks span over 20 years. If there’s a problem with your desktop(s) we KNOW how to fix it and we DON’T guess.

We realize that stable solutions and the bottom line are the entrepreneur’s guiding principles. We share this philosophy.

Our goal is to get you up and running fast.

Detailed Billing and HONEST estimates. (Desktop OS, network connectivity, Anti-Virus, Internet Access, Client side software problems, basic accounting, back-up power supplies and all hardware)

Residential Service

$95.00 per hour
We provide expert support for any PC in your home. From Cable and DSL Wireless routers, including solving computer problems to eradicating those pesky viruses. Our “can do” attitude will give you the peace of mind you deserve. In short we can do it all and for a lot less.

Web Site Development

Starting at $800 for the   1st page.
It is a well-established fact that the vast majority of consumers now turn to the Internet for information about companies before purchasing goods and services. Customers expect a quality Company to have a web site; and studies show that they measure the quality of a Company by the quality of their web site.

A web site must be attractive, functional and it must sell. Our goal is to create a personalized forum that presents and sells your Company’s capabilities to web site visitors.

We always seek to provide up front pricing even though it is not easy to do on project base pricing. We do, however, our best to provide you with honest estimate. Simply said, our formula for basic HTML web sites is $500 Design Fee plus $400 per page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Starting at $400 per month for min. 6 month.
When potential customers browse the internet for needed products or services they won't buy what they cannot see. Stated simply, your key effort is to insure that your web site is readily seen. Stated in marketing terms, "you need to be on page one"!

For example, ask yourself how often you browse past page two; and do you ever browse page four....and neither do your potential customers....its like not having a web site.

Search Engine Optimization can change all that. This service increases your company's awareness by moving your web site to where it can be noticed and read. And being on page one has the added benefit of suggesting that your company is a leader in the category.

Application Support

Starting at $95/hr per application
As you know a computer is only as good as the applications that run on them.

Clean installs
, configurations and maintenance are essential. With our long years of experience we can provide expertise for just about any application you use. From Microsoft Office to Norton Security Pack; we can help you increase your productivity by insuring your applications are always working correctly.

Additionally, we can in some cases customize your applications to fit your business, allowing for better reports, collaborations and automation.


From $100/hr
If you need to keep track of your customers and projects or want to track your inventory… a database is a good tool to keep everything organized. We can help you configure databases that meet your requirements. We recommend the appropriate application and customize specifically to your needs.

Data Recovery

From $100/hr
Routine Data Backup is the best protection from hardware crashes. Occasionally it happens and important files are deleted by accident. We have procedures to recover all or parts of the information if we have immediate access to the affected files…i.e. before it is overwritten.

Data Transfer

You bought a new computer and need to transfer data from your old one... we can help. Emails, Documents, Pictures everything essential to get going fast. We install your Software, Printer, Fax, Scanner all the necessary gadgets.
Additionally, our service includes removing your personal files from the old PC to protect you from identity theft.


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